A Personal Thank You
from Rich Sokol

Several years ago firefighters responded quickly to a call to help our 2-year old daughter, Deanna. We’ll always be grateful for their protection.

About Rich Sokol

Rich Sokol is a local business owner, focusing on real estate and investments. He has a broad business background from Wall Street to Colorado. At Massachusetts Financial Services, a national mutual fund company, he scrutinized a variety of industries and later helped run two of the larger mutual funds. His chief task was to analyze companies to determine which ones were run well, and which ones were not. Several of his business insights were quoted in the Wall St Journal and NY Times.

He also has operating experience, having been Chief Financial Officer of two companies, including a successful startup.  He is on the Board of Directors of two local metro companies, both of which have prospered even in the current recession - though we all wish for a better economy.

In college Rich studied the science underlying the locations of fire stations. Rich earned a BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School .

Rich is very active in the community.  Most recently, he was the Treasurer of the Autism Society of Colorado.  He is also on the Executive Committee of the Denver chapter of AIPAC, and the Advisory Board of the Leadership Program of the Rockies .  Additionally, he is also a Contributing Editor to Line of Sight, a monthly policy-oriented magazine published by former Congressman Bob Beauprez, where you can find his articles on economic matters. He curently sits on the Board of the Colorado Business Coalition.

Rich is married to Rochelle, and has two daughters, Deanna and Arielle. Rich hopes his daughters will grow up to be good citizens and fanatic Denver Nuggets fans.


Why I Want to Serve on the South Metro Fire and Rescue Board:

I know firsthand how important it is to have a world class fire and rescue service. Two years ago South Metro firefighters answered a call at my home to help my 2-year old daughter, Deanna. My wife Rochelle and I will always be grateful for their protection.  

I want to serve on the South Metro Fire and Rescue District Board because every family in the community should receive the same fast, world-class protection from well-trained, highly qualified firefighters and emergency medical personnel that responded to my own family. Safety of lives and property are my #1 priority.

At the same time, I will demand that taxpayer dollars be spent wisely. If I am honored to be elected, I will be the only Board Member with a finance background. I have the skills to scour the budget to eliminate waste and make sure every taxpayer dollar is spent carefully. We will balance the budget and do more with less.

As a business analyst/Chief Financial Officer, my real world financial experience will help me wisely manage the $68 million annual budget, for which the average family pays $1200 in taxes.

To make sure I understand the issues, I meet regularly with firefighters and citizens in our community. I have studied the District's safety reports, strategic plan, and financial statements and forecasts.


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